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Glare by GlaceGlacierDude Glare :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 9 14 random G sketches by GlaceGlacierDude random G sketches :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 5 1 In Just Dance! by GlaceGlacierDude In Just Dance! :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 10 5 Cornelius! by GlaceGlacierDude Cornelius! :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 12 2 some sad graver sketches by GlaceGlacierDude some sad graver sketches :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 6 13 a lil' thing i just did by GlaceGlacierDude a lil' thing i just did :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 13 3 Ro The Kid by GlaceGlacierDude Ro The Kid :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 14 3 Blight Gritz by GlaceGlacierDude Blight Gritz :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 20 19 Brutus Snake Boi by GlaceGlacierDude Brutus Snake Boi :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 23 8 teh numbers by GlaceGlacierDude teh numbers :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 9 10 Some Ajax sketches by GlaceGlacierDude Some Ajax sketches :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 15 6 Steampowah! (Request) by GlaceGlacierDude Steampowah! (Request) :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 13 0 Glacies ^^ by GlaceGlacierDude Glacies ^^ :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 14 9 Scared by GlaceGlacierDude Scared :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 19 17 Ro' Berto (WIP Persona) by GlaceGlacierDude Ro' Berto (WIP Persona) :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 16 11 Beautiful (Request) by GlaceGlacierDude Beautiful (Request) :iconglaceglacierdude:GlaceGlacierDude 18 24


*Harsh cough* by ScarTheZorua *Harsh cough* :iconscarthezorua:ScarTheZorua 3 10 Pals by Nerdy-Cupcake Pals :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 16 35 Full On Rainbow by Nerdy-Cupcake Full On Rainbow :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 20 18 Acadianelle Antics by Nerdy-Cupcake Acadianelle Antics :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 20 37 ANOTHER Profile Pic by Nerdy-Cupcake ANOTHER Profile Pic :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 14 0 Sonnet Doot by Nerdy-Cupcake Sonnet Doot :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 23 17 One Year On DevaintArt! by Nerdy-Cupcake One Year On DevaintArt! :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 11 29 Playboy Amaryllis by Nerdy-Cupcake Playboy Amaryllis :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 21 35 [Point Commission] Axol by Nerdy-Cupcake [Point Commission] Axol :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 17 20 Summoning Blossoms by Nerdy-Cupcake Summoning Blossoms :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 19 12 Welp... by Nerdy-Cupcake Welp... :iconnerdy-cupcake:Nerdy-Cupcake 12 18 TMW pg 8 by ProxyComics TMW pg 8 :iconproxycomics:ProxyComics 106 11
Ordre de la Rose (Order of the Rose)
The Order is made up of Roses, Peashooters and Sunflowers. The Roses are the leaders of the Order and the most important. The Roses were guardians of time, capable of time travel, they travel through time to points where anomalies are caused and right them, often with the support of their Peashooter knights, and on occasion a Sunflower mage.
The Order is based out of the Chateau de Chantilly, in the Ile de France, just north of Paris. They're the main Order that protect the French capital, and often substitute the local law enforcement. The order also controls the other Chateau's near the French Capital.
    Order Hierarchy;
-Elders (Rose)
-High Mistress (Rose)
-Mistress (Rose)
-Mage (Sunflower)
-Elder Knight/Paladin (Peashooters)
-Knight (Peashooter)
    Average Knights Kit;
-1 and 1/2 hand longsword. Normally 3-5 enchanted gems in the hilt to enhance the knights abilities.
-Heater Shield. (Some take Tower Shields)
:iconvolkerschild:Volkerschild 2 14
Night Angel drawing by Volkerschild Night Angel drawing :iconvolkerschild:Volkerschild 26 39 Paladin Delnid Lathyrus by Volkerschild Paladin Delnid Lathyrus :iconvolkerschild:Volkerschild 27 25 Orion by Volkerschild Orion :iconvolkerschild:Volkerschild 18 54



Niles and Crystopher's probably first interaction with each other.

Or how I think it went, at least. I forgot to post this-

Niles belongs to StarZoroark
I own Crystopher. :3
random G sketches
idk what to call this, but anyway have some more of Graver!

also, err, if you can tell by the heartbroken Graver near the middle, you can tell something happened between Brian and G.

Brian : GirlyBlitz
In Just Dance!
Sometimes, Graver would sneak to the large lounge the base shared and would play Just Dance late in the night or very early in the morning, where no one would be awake to him dancing his arse off to some Nicki Minaj song in the current song list of the game he luckily scavenged from an abandoned video game store.

Just Dance belongs to Ubisoft.


exam's finally over. so it's probably time for me to procrastinate- no- hope I don't fail the exam ^^ ;;
Well, I dunno what to say x3

Yass! boi we did it


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i love tasting and chewing, also offers free free. i also like a variety of things



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